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Cultural Activities, Clubs and Societies at Northlands


Northlands offers opportunities for all learners to excel, regardless of their aptitude. There is something for everyone, and the cultural and performing arts sphere is no different.

At Northlands we believe that getting involved in all aspects of school life is integral to a well-rounded learner and through the Arts & Culture activities learners grow in self-confidence, discipline, conscientiousness and character.

NGHS is a passionate supporter of the Arts and encourages its pupils to participate actively in the many arts and cultural opportunities at the school which include:

Afrikaans Klub

Stay in touch with your culture at our club.

Art Club

Together we explore the magic of art, in all mediums. In our club we collaborate and develop our skills.

Hip Hop Dance Club

We’re always ready to welcome new members, please don’t be shy. We’re passionate about dancing and support those who are as passionate as we are.

Book Club

Our reading group is a great way to discover new books, and to gain other perspectives on the world. Not only do we learn about the world around us, we also facilitate conversation and discussions across generations and cultural lines, as books can be a great way to see the world through someone else’s viewpoint.


Consider yourself a foodie? Then our club is the place for you! We love everything about food culture. Together we learn and develop our skills. Join us to try something new!


Release your inner soul in our choir. Our little family will ensure you have the best environment to express yourself to your heart’s desire. We’re always welcome to new members!

Creative Writing

Together we learn to clarify our thoughts and emotions more efficiently and accurately, through creative writing, we learn to communicate more effectively; a skill that's exceedingly important in all areas of life.


At our club you will improve your critical thinking skills, acquire better poise, delivery, and public speaking skills, while enhancing teamwork and collaboration.

Djembe Drums

Djembe enhances your concentration, promotes better flow of oxygen through deep breathing, reduces stress and anxiety, builds stamina, helps you 'live in the now' and improves overall happiness.

Environment and Conservation Association

Think green, save water and recycle. Saving our planet is more important than ever and it takes a contribution from every human on earth. Our club members are dedicated to making our streets, parks and beaches a better, cleaner place, while helping any wildlife we can along the way. Join our club to play your role in making a difference.

First Aid

We train students to handle common emergencies out of a hospital setting and with no special equipment. If you have a calling to the medical field this is a great place to start.

Robotics Club

Students who are interested in the world of robotics and innovation are welcome to join our club.

Public Speaking

Also known as “Toastmasters”. We teach all about public speaking and leadership. We help each other become more confidant speakers, communicators and leaders.

Technical Team

If you’re a tech wiz or interested in technology and software then our club is the place to be.

Photography Club

Welcome to the vibrant world of our school's Photography Club! Our club is a haven for shutterbugs and enthusiasts who have a keen eye for capturing moments and telling stories through the lens of a camera.

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